Friday, September 25, 2009

Victorian Embroidery Quilt Block

This is the second quilt square I've finished in a long term project to make a crazy quilt bedspread for my granddaughter. It's going a lot faster now that I've learned most of my techniques. Putting the crazy quilt pieces together is the biggest challenge, since I use invisible thread (yes, it's real!) to hide the stitches while I'm putting the embroidery in. My next block is already put together and I'm working in different shades of green. It has yellow roses in the middle of it, as opposed to the sleeping bunny in the middle of this quiet blue square. Each square seems to take on it's own personality from the color I'm working with. I'm looking forward to doing the red blocks and seeing what develops! Have fun with your projects!
Made With Love As Always,


Rettakat said...

Oh, I am in love!! This is sooo gorgeous, I keep asking "you did this all yourself, by hand????!!"

My most favorite is the sleeping bunny, all curled up, above the delicate ferns, and then the cute chunky stars above,,,,LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!

Green with envy, now I'll have to get pregnant and have a baby so you will make me one ROFL!!!

Karen Elizabeth Brown said...

Thank you Loretta. I haven't shown this to anyone beofre now, as I thought it was kind of plain, so your feedback is really important to me. I'm glad you like the bunny. He's really grown on me too.