Friday, October 16, 2009

Winter Vest

I had asked myself just what I could do with 1/2 yard of leftover animal print and here was the answer. A warm, cozy and lined vest in a children's size 4. It turned out a little large for it's size, but I still had enough material left over from this project to make a small one in a size 2.

The lining is made with a washable synthetic and the entire project takes approximately 4 hours for an experienced sewer. The tricky part is when you sew it inside out and then turn it right side out through the shoulders and down to one side. I had to be careful not to rip out the seams as I teased it through the shoulders.

I had the option of putting buttons on it, or a ribbon tie, but I opted out on the ribbon and haven't decided about the buttons. It might keep it on my granddaughter longer, as I've heard she like to undress herself now. Ether way, it is a cute and fun project for those who don't have days to sit at the sewing machine.

I used Simplicity pattern #2874 which also has blouse, dress and pants patterns as well as the vest. It's a very versatile pattern.

Made With Love As Always,


Monday, October 5, 2009

Welcome to my new Made With Love By Karen blog!

I hope you like my new look! Everything you see here has been hand made with love and care. Please feel free to leave a comment or ask questions.

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Embroidery And "Bugs"

As you can see I somehow managed to load my pictures in backwards and have started with the "Bugs" instead of the embroidery. I thought this cute flannel material would make adorable pajamas for my granddaughter. It's made with three little bug buttons on the bodice that are not seen too well beacuse they blend into the bugs on the fabric. There are two more in the back for closure. The pants are made with an elastic waist that can be easily adjusted for size.
The embroidery is the new green quilt block for my granddaughters crazy quilt. The bow on the yellow roses is made with gold metallic thread. The entire project was made using a single thread instead of three. This gave the roses a more textured appearance while still giving them depth. It was difficult to do, but with practice anyone knowing embroidery techniques can do it. This project was made with an iron-on transfer pattern while the colors can vary according to taste. I hope you enjoy your own projects as much as I'm enjoying mine! Happy sewing!
Made With Love As Always,